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Test Bank


A repository of test questions to assess employee knowledge and learning!


PETEX wants your company to have the right tools to deliver critical skills training to employees. Obtaining knowledge—and assessing knowledge—are critical steps to ensure jobs are done right to improve operational efficiencies.

PETEX Test Bank provides a selection of assessment questions and answers on a variety of key topics. The Test Bank questions will be linked to specific bodies of knowledge needed in the oil and gas industry. All questions are developed in conjunction with industry experts and have at least one alternate set of questions to randomize testing when wrong answers are selected. The questions in the Test Bank are not designed to ensure certification of a role or subject matter but are tools to isolate the knowledge and skill gaps of your employees. In turn, this activity can help optimize training budgets by providing the right type of training for a specific employee’s needs—a much more effective approach than targeting everyone with the same training solution. Specialized assessments can be created from the PETEX Test Bank.

Test Bank is a key part of PETEX overall strategy to address its clients’ needs for training solutions to build knowledge in new areas.


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